Every time you get a brand new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, your account is set up and as automated as the entire process seems, there are always little things which are done personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there're even more things to be done considering that these types of website hosting generally require a manual setup, software installation & configuration, testing the server environment so as to make sure that everything's working fine, etcetera. To fund the expenses for the time and efforts all of these things take, a lot of companies collect a one-time set-up charge to be paid by their clients on top of the charge for the cloud hosting. The fee usually applies to any new web hosting account being ordered and it is very rarely given on the company’s web site, however it appears on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting plans do not have any setup fees or any other obscured charges as a general rule. If you purchase your account, we'll process your payment right away so the account will be created and activated from our system straight away. The total price that you will be required to pay for the hosting package is the same everywhere - on the main, order & payment pages, and you will not notice or have to pay anything besides that price at any time. This is valid irrespective of whether you acquire numerous accounts as it is our belief that building trust is much more important than receiving several more dollars. Our account activation is immediate, so you are able to go ahead and begin creating your sites immediately.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Hosting

All our semi-dedicated server plans are activated immediately and with no additional setup fees. The worth that you'll pay when signing up is identical to what you'll pay to renew your hosting account the subsequent months and the cost that you'll find both on our main page & on your bank statement. If you already have a standard shared website hosting plan from our company and you are getting a semi-dedicated server to get extra power, we'll move all of your information and we will still not charge you a dime on top of the standard monthly rate for your brand new plan. As the process is practically fully automatic, we believe that there is absolutely no reason to charge you an extra amount of money, so the price that you find on the web site is all that you'll have to spend.

Setup Fee in VPS

If you acquire a virtual private server from us, all you'll have to pay is the standard monthly fee for the plan you have picked and that particular fee will be exactly the same each month that you have the server. We don't have any concealed or installation fees and we think that building a long-lasting business relationship that is based on trust is more crucial than charging you a couple of additional dollars with some hidden charge that you do not see on our front page. We'll assemble your virtual server and install its Operating System in addition to all the needed software absolutely free of charge. When you acquire the VPS with our Hepsia website hosting Control Panel and you already have a shared website hosting package with us, we will even migrate all of your content to your brand-new server totally free.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Hosting

Our Linux dedicated hosting lack any installation or other hidden charges. Through your registration process, you'll pay only the monthly price for the package that you have chosen. Once you submit your order, we will put together and try your brand new machine, then we'll set up all the software that you will need to have a fully functional server - Operating System, web hosting Control Panel in case you have selected one, web server, MySQL, and many more. All of the aforementioned tasks are a part of the package and come absolutely free of charge, so the registration payment and your future renewal payments will be exactly the same. If the server comes with our custom Hepsia hosting Control Panel and you curently have a shared web hosting account from our company, we can even transfer your content on the server for free.